WhizzCar is the logical alternative to owning a car

WhizzCar is a personal mobility programme that offers you the freedom of driving a car without the worries and high costs that come with car ownership.

Brought to you by Popular Rent A Car, a leading car rental firm in Singapore, WhizzCar aims to offer hassle-free mobility service for every urban resident to compliment the public transport system, thereby fulfilling our social responsibility to help reduce congestion and pollution on our roads. Choose WhizzCar for a better environment!

Members of WhizzCar (Whizzers) living or working in the same vicinity will have 24-hour access to cars within a short walking distance. As a Whizzer, you pay only for the hours and mileage that you actually use, and your WhizzCar is conveniently located near your home or office in a reserved parking lot.

With our latest technology, a wide variety of vehicles and superior services to boot, start whizzing around in a WhizzCar and make your driving experiences fun and easy... without the worries.

Go whenever and wherever you want, just like having your own car!

Remember Life's Easier - Life's Good With WhizzCar.