What is WhizzCar?

WhizzCar is a personal mobility program for individual and corporate members that lets you drive a car when you need one without the high cost and hassle of owning one.  Members living or working in the same vicinity will have access to a network of cars within a short walking distance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why is WhizzCar better than owning a car?

If you do not need to drive everyday, WhizzCar is as convenient as owning a car without all the costs and hassles.  WhizzCar saves money because you are not paying the high fixed cost of owning a car that sits idle for most of the day.  There are no parking hassles because you simply pick up and return the car to the same reserved WhizzCar parking lot.  There are no worries about maintenance, fuel, insurance, or parking costs. It’s hassle-free!

How does WhizzCar compare to car rental?

With the latest technology, WhizzCar allows members to have access to cars 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  WhizzCar is less expensive for a shorter period of use compared to car rental rates.  With WhizzCar, you pay only for the time booked and mileage driven.  What’s more, petrol is included!

Rental cars are often located at remote locations and you are restricted to returning the car during business hours.  WhizzCar gives you the convenience of picking up a car parked in your neighborhood and returning it when you want to.  You will be charged according to the time reserved and the total distance traveled.

How can I get WhizzCar in my neighbourhood?

We can place a car in any neighbourhood when at least 20 people within a one-mile radius have indicated interest in joining WhizzCar.  Tell all your friends and neighbors so that a WhizzCar location can be opened near you.  We can even provide you with materials and information to disseminate or post in your neighborhood.

How does WhizzCar benefit the community?

By sharing a pool of cars, WhizzCar members help ease traffic congestion and parking woes. Air quality is improved by reducing harmful vehicle emissions.  This is a result of having more new model cars and replacing privately-owned cars with WhizzCars, hence controlling the car population.

What are the criteria to join WhizzCar?

To be eligible, you must:

  1. Have a valid local driver’s license
  2. Have a minimum of one year of driving experience
  3. Be between 21 and 68 years old
  4. Be a Singaporean, permanent resident, or employment pass holder
  5. Have had no traffic violations and/or accidents in the past 3 years

Do you have different types of memberships?

Yes, we have the following membership programs to cater to different needs:

  1. Individual Membership – for individuals who want to join WhizzCar on an annual basis
  2. Household/Supplementary Membership – for those with more than 1 driver at home with lower fees for supplementary members
  3. Whizz-Ezzy Membership – for people who want to try WhizzCar with no long-term commitment
  4. Corporate Membership – for businesses, non-profits, clubs and associations of all sizes

How can I cancel my membership?

WhizzCar membership is based on a minimum initial commitment of one year, and is automatically renewed at the end of every year.

You can cancel your membership by giving us a minimum of one-month advance written notice prior to the expiry of your membership.  Return your WhizzCar key fob to our headquarters to have your deposit refunded within 60 days.

Note: In the event of failure to give the minimum notice, membership will be subject to automatic renewal for a minimum of one year where membership fee can be paid either on monthly or annual basis.  In the event of early termination, there will be no prorated refund of paid annual membership fee.  In case of monthly payment, the security deposit will be used to offset any shortfall in the membership fee.

How will my membership be terminated or revoked?

We ask that members treat our cars and other members responsibly.  A member who lets an unauthorized person drive our cars or who repeatedly violates the rules and regulations can have their membership terminated.

What keeps non-members out of WhizzCar parking spaces?

All WhizzCar parking spaces have signs posted indicating that the space is reserved for WhizzCar only.  Any violator who parks in those lots will have their vehicle clamped.  On a rare occasion that a member arrives at WhizzCar parking lot and finds that it is occupied, they are to park as close to the lot as possible and call our 24-hour assistance hotline at 6741 5828 immediately.

Can I make a one-way trip reservation?

No, we offer round-trip services and reservations only.  WhizzCar and your fellow members rely on you to return the car promptly at the end of your reservation to the same designated WhizzCar location and parking space.

Can my spouse or family members use my membership?

Insurance coverage is not extended to unauthorized drivers, so for your safety and the safety of your family and friends, please do not allow others to drive our vehicles.  We do offer discounts for household membership if you would like to share an account with your family.

Membership and privileges are NOT transferable.  Use of a WhizzCar by an unauthorized driver is a serious violation of WhizzCar membership terms and conditions and non-members are strictly forbidden to drive our vehicles.  Any violation of this rule will result in immediate termination of your account and membership privileges.

What types of cars do you offer?

To cater to members’ different travel needs, we have a wide range of vehicles ranging from compact to luxury sedans and MPVs. We have chosen them because of their reliability and their excellent record for environmental friendliness, safety and low maintenance. To give you more choices, we expect to add more models to our fleet in the near future.

Is a car going to be available when I need it?

The availability of vehicles is an important concern of ours as much as it is with our members. Our reservations system allows you to make a reservation as little as 1 hour in advance. We will have enough cars for all of our members and will add more cars as more Whizzers join us. If you know you will need a car at peak times, please try to reserve your car a few days in advance to avoid disappointment; a little planning will help you. If one of our cars is not available, you may contact Popular Rent A Car for special car rental discount only for Whizzers.

Can I have access to any vehicle in all locations?

Yes, you can use WhizzCar at any WhizzCar locations but you have to collect and return the car at the same site.

What if the car reserved is not in the parking space?

This should not occur. If a car is not present, contact WhizzCar immediately and we will make every effort to locate and direct you to a nearby car. We expect all members to take the privilege of membership seriously. Any member acting irresponsibly and repeatedly violating membership rules (i.e. not returning the car to the reserved lot on a timely basis) will risk membership termination.

Can I drive a WhizzCar to West Malaysia?

Yes, prior notification is required to ensure that your insurance in Malaysia is taken care of.  There is a 50% surcharge on the usage rates and a minimum reservation of 24 hours.

What if I return the car late?

Please return your car on time. This is a courtesy that we insist members extend to one another. Late returns are a major inconvenience to other members and are subject to a penalty and excess usage charges. We understand you can’t always predict traffic and suggest you make reservations carefully and plan ahead to return the car on time. Also, if you are going to be late, please try to extend your reservation before it ends to avoid penalties. An extension isn’t always possible, particularly if another member has a reservation immediately following yours. Please refer to the Member’s Handbook for details.

Can I use WhizzCar to provide Uber, Grab, or other ride-hailing service?

WhizzCar is an exclusive Grab partner.  Please visit our WhizzGrab page for more information.

Who refuels the cars?

WhizzCar members are required to refuel at any Esso petrol station on our account if the petrol level is below half (1/2) tank prior to returning the car.  A Speedpass for refueling is attached with the car keys.  We expect all members to take this responsibility seriously and to be considerate of fellow members.  Please note that the Speedpass system is not available in West Malaysia.  Members traveling into West Malaysia are required to pay for the petrol on their own account and there will be no reimbursement.  Please read instructions on using the Speedpass for refueling in the Member’s Handbook or at the back of the damage status form found in the glove compartment.

Who cleans the cars?

WhizzCar’s maintenance crew will clean the cars on a regular basis.  Members are expected to contribute towards the cleanliness of our vehicles by removing their belongings and any trash after use.  Members should inform us if a car is found dirty so that appropriate action is taken.

Who maintains the cars?

Our Operations department is responsible for handling all minor car maintenance such as oil changes and inspection of brakes and tires on-site.  For more major maintenance and repair, cars will be taken out of service.  To minimize inconvenience to members, cars will be returned to their locations as quickly as possible after the work is done.

Are the cars in good operating condition?

Our cars are maintained according to the maintenance schedules recommended by the manufacturer to ensure optimal performance.

What about motor insurance?

All WhizzCars have comprehensive motor insurance coverage.  However, members are liable for the following excess liability per damage/accident:

  • Age 23 years & above with more than 100 hours driving experience – $3,000 + GST
  • Age 21-22 or 66-68 years / with less than 100 hours or 2 years driving experience – $5,000 to $6,000 + GST

-Driving experience denotes driving in Singapore for the last 12 months.

-The excess amount will be subject to review if the member is at fault in any accident.