WhizzCar for Grab

You’ve come to the right place to rent a car by the hour for Grab!  WhizzCar offers you generous trip incentives, 24-hour access to well-maintained cars at more than 50 locations, and top-notch customer service.  ZERO joining fee and ZERO deposit!


Please note that with effect from 1 July 2017, you must have a Taxi Driver Vocational License (TDVL), Private-Hire Driver Vocational License (PDVL) or Approval to Drive (ATD) to legally drive for private-hire.  For more information, please visit Grab’s PDVL page and LTA’s PDVL FAQs.

WhizzGrab Rates effective 1 Nov 2017

Promotions current as of 11 Sep 2017 and subject to change.  Please visit Grab PowerHour page for the latest promotions.