Who is it for?

Many private and company car owners pay a lot every month only to leave their cars parked most of the time.  WhizzCar is the solution for people who drive occasionally!  For nominal membership and hourly usage fees, you can now leave the ownership responsibility to us!  Contact us for more information or join today!


Cost of Owning a Car in Singapore

Source: Can you truly afford a car in Singapore? (gov.sg, 11 Feb 2016)



Don't own a car but need to use one occasionally

Own a car but do not drive it frequently

Like to have access to a variety of cars

Have a family member who needs to use a car sometimes

Need a car for occasional work-related trips. Your employer can join WhizzCar as a Corporate Member.

Choose WhizzCar for those times when driving a car is your best option for getting around or carrying a load!  Now you have an alternative to avoid the crowds, delays, expensive surcharges, and bad weather!






















WhizzCar gives you freedom and convenience! Go shopping. Run errands. Chauffeur your kids. Go for a doctor’s appointment. Make a date special! Do all the things for which you need a car, without the need to own one!

Rushing for that business appointment in town?

Apply for our Corporate Membership! WhizzCar helps your company save money and time on local business travel.

Do you need a car for family outings or shopping trips?

Book a car for few hours at a time and get all your errands done!

Does your son or daughter need a car?

Sign him/her up as a supplementary member instead of splurging on another car for the family!

Are you hanging out late with friends?

Share the cost of a WhizzCar with your friends. You can dance the night away in town, eat supper, and bring your friends home safe and sound! WhizzCar brings people closer!

Good Reasons to Join


WhizzCar members save a lot compared to the cost of owning a car. No more hefty payments for your car loan, insurance, maintenance, petrol, road tax! With WhizzCar, you pay only for the time you actually use the car and a low membership fee. Use the money saved for a holiday, your children's education, or a special gift!


Reserve a WhizzCar just 30 minutes or or even weeks in advance using our online reservation system. Cars are parked in reserved spaces within walking distance of your home or workplace, and/or near public transportation. Using your personal key fob, you just get in and go!


Choose from a variety of vehicles for your different needs. An MPV for the family trip to Malaysia? A van to deliver some goods? A compact car for errands? How about a cool WhizzCar to impress your date?


You'll have access to WhizzCars 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Use them as often as you like and for as little as one hour at a time. We have different membership programs to suit you, your family, and your company.


Member satisfaction is number one priority - WhizzCars are serviced and cleaned regularly to give members the best driving experience possible.

Environmentally Friendly

Go green! WhizzCar members are doing their part to reduce road congestion and harmful vehicle emissions that contribute to global warming.

Total Mobility Service

WhizzCar members can enjoy special car rental rates from Popular Rent A Car when they need a car for longer periods and road trips.